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      Whispa Spa Noise Dampener

      Whispa Spa Noise Dampener

      Experience the soothing care of a personal spa without disruptive noise. A&A’s Whispa brings relaxation to the next level, with the silence you need after a long day. Whispa’s effective sound muffling technology ensures a truly restorative spa experience.

      Relax in peace
      and quiet.

      A&A’s WhiSpa is simple to use. The muffling device has an easily removable rubber cap that shuts off air flow, allowing for efficient heating of the spa. Once the desired temperature is reached, the cap is removed, letting air back in. This allows for the nearly silent operation of your spa jets. WhiSpa can be installed directly in the pool deck, or conveniently in an adjacent planter area.

      Smart, effective noise supression

      Installed in spa decking for easy access

      Simple plumbing and installation

      Enhances hydrotherapy jet performance

      Available in multiple lid colors

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