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      QuikWater Leveler

      QuikWater Leveler

      A&A’s Quik Water Leveler automatically controls the water level of your pool. Working 24 hours a day, it’s the ultimate convenience in pool care.

      The Quik Water Leveler resolves the need to refill your pool with a garden hose. There’s no need to worry about overfilling, flooding, or burning out your pool pump. Not only does this ensure the safe maintenance of your pool’s system, but also saves your time for the more important things.

      The smart, simple
      way to manage your pool’s water level.

      Eliminates time wasted on constant pool fill-ups

      Averts backyard flooding due to overfilling

      Prevents expensive pump burnouts that result from
      low water levels

      Works 24 hours a day

      Injection-molded for increased durability

      Eliminates unsafe and unsightly water hoses

      Available in multiple lid colors

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