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      QuikSkim is a vital part of your cleaning and circulation system. With its venturi- powered skimming, natural water pressure creates a stronger vacuum to clear more debris than a standard skimmer.

      The design of A&A’s QuikSkim enhances skimming efficiency and eliminates the need to use pump suction. QuikSkim allows the pump’s power to be dedicated to your pool’s drain for maximum debris removal. This process is not only energy efficient, but provides the most effective surface skimming available.

      1. QuikSkim uses the existing return water to create a stronger skimming action.
      2. It pushes clean water back into your pool without extra effort from the pump.

      The safest, strongest skimmer available.

      A&A’s QuikSkim features a unique, patented anti-entrapment design which ensures complete safety for you and your family. Because QuikSkim is venturi-powered, it’s skimming power comes from return water, not the pool pump. This not only means an incredibly efficient skimmer, but the safest way to keep your pool clean.

      • More efficient skimming
      • No extra energy usage
      • Safest pool skimmer available
      • Available in multiple colors
      • For vinyl and fiberglass pools
      • Durable housing
      • Easy installation

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