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      QuikDekClor Poolside Chlorine Feeder

      QuikDekClor Poolside Chlorine Feeder

      A&A Manufacturing’s QuikDekClor installs at the deck of your pool–rather than the equipment pad–for easy access. By delivering chlorine directly into your pool, QuikDekClor prevents chemical wear and tear on your pump motor and filtering systems.

      The QuikDekClor’s specially engineered inlets create an even water flow around chlorine tabs, which ensures consistent disbursement. This design allows for easy adjustment to compensate for swimmer load and pool conditions, saving you excess chlorine costs while playing an integral part in a truly clean pool.

      Includes internal locking safety lid.

      Compatible with multiple tab sizes.

      Made in the USA.

      Inflows from fully adjustable valve.

      Fully-chlorinated water flows back into your pool.

      Available in multiple lid colors

      No periodic maintenance needed

      Convenient poolside location

      Simple installation

      Prevents harmful corrosion and damage to equipment

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