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      Highlight the unique finish and shape of your pool, spa, or fountain with QuikBrite LED Lighting from A&A Manufacturing. Brilliant, energy efficient, and easy to install, QuikBrite is also adjustable, with up to 20 degrees of angle rotation for a truly customizable nighttime experience. Available for new construction and retrofit for both pool and spa.

      Retro lights also available

      Only Adjustable Light In the Industry Easy to adjust the LED lens angle 10 degrees up or down

      Highlight the unique features of any pool with innovative QuikBrite LED lighting that is available in three color options.

      ??Only Adjustable Light In the Industry

      ??Blue, White, and RGBW Light Color Options Available

      ? New and Retro Lights Available

      ??Dimming compatible?LEDs

      ??Easy-to-Install QuikConnect Plug

      ??Low-Wattage Light Means High-Efficiency

      ??Works With Major Controllers

      ??High-Quality Light Trim Options

      Parts and Support

      Looking for information or support with a QuikBrite? Get your questions answered on our Parts & Support page.

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